Protect your Website Content from Being Copied and Prevent Revenue Losses!

The Secure Fonts technology is offered as a simple REST API call on the server side and can be quickly integrated with the web content.

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Bots are responsible for more than a third of all web traffic
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More than one-tenth of the expenditure on website marketing is wasted
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Average online revenue lost as a result of web scraping

Web scraping is an open secret in the hyper-competitive market today, which has negatively impacted the companies’ revenues because of the unethical practices involved. While companies are adopting bot management tools to keep the bad bots at bay, the bad bots however find their way to scrape the data as they are getting more and more sophisticated.

SecurelyShare SecureFonts

SecurelyShare introduces a path breaking technology that will preserve the integrity of your web data even if bad bots are successful in scraping the data. Yes, you read that right!

SecurelyShare SecureFonts technology is designed to protect your sensitive content online in such a way that even if the data is copied, the actual data is encoded with SecureFonts and only garbled data will be rendered. This means that even if bad bots do scrape the data, it will be useless. Hence 100% protection to your sensitive web content. And prevent theft of your valuable content and protect your revenues.

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