Experience Hassle-Free File Sharing with Iron-Clad Security and Total Control

Data Vault’s feature-rich patented technology exceeds your needs and expectations

Experience Hassle-Free File Sharing with Iron-Clad Security and Total Control

The Data Vault Advantage

Get work done easily and efficiently with a single place for file sharing and without sacrificing security.

Dynamic Encryption - 10x more Safety

Our patented technology provides 10 times stronger protection against hackers. With Data Vault, each data is encrypted using a unique key that changes frequently, making it much more difficult for attackers to intercept and decode the information.

Data Redaction - Reduce Errors, Workloads, and costs

Automatically hide sensitive information with our pattern-based data redaction, reducing manual review workload and costs while improving data processing efficiency and accuracy.

Data Redaction - Reduce Errors, Workloads, and costs
Data Vault - Instant Watermark

Instant Watermarking

Safeguard confidential data and ensure integrity with our custom watermarking. Instantly prevent unauthorized document circulation, screenshots, and snapshots, while also providing traceability, reducing legal liability, and improving efficiency."

Schedule & Recall Access

Control user access to specific data by setting time periods or recalling access at any time, improving security and enabling instant error remediation for sensitive data in your organization.

Data Vault - Schedule & Recall Access

Secondary Verification

The secondary verification feature offers file and folder owners a potent authorization tool to grant or deny access to sensitive documents. By implementing this additional level of authorization, businesses can enhance their control over the access of critical files. This feature enables owners to carefully manage and monitor who can view or modify sensitive documents, thereby strengthening security measures and protecting valuable information.

Upload Large Files & Bulk Uploads

Say goodbye to FTP and thumb drives and effortlessly share large files with enhanced controls and audit trails. Our system supports bulk file upload and downloads in multiple formats, including PDF, Excel, Docs, JPEGS, and more.

Data Vault - Upload Large Files & Bulk Uploads
Advance Dashboards - Ready Compliance

Advance Dashboards - Ready Compliance

With Data Vault, you can track file sharing and access, receive real-time alerts for unauthorized activity, view user statistics on the dashboard, and generate custom reports for management discussions, enabling regulatory compliance.

Role-based Access & Permissions

Our security mechanism provides extra control and flexibility by enabling access to data based on user roles, resulting in improved security, efficiency, flexibility, and compliance for your organization.

Data Vault - Role-based Access & Permissions
Data Vault - Flexible Authentication

Flexible Authentication

Depending on the needs of your organization, you can implement any form of authentication. Data vault provides authentication mechanisms like OTP/ SSO/ AD/ LDAP

Easy Integrations

Our APIs integrate with various data storage apps, including file repositories and SaaS apps, to automatically transfer sensitive files to downstream apps or users, without requiring recipient onboarding to the IDP, thanks to Data Vault's patented technology.

Easy integrations with file repositories and SaaS apps
“SecurelyShare, with its advanced technology, has helped us overcome the challenges of bulk e-statement generation by providing better security, lowering costs and saving time as well. Their qualified and dedicated technical team was adept in providing the solution with quick and prompt turnaround time.”
Head, Digital Banking A leading small finance Bank in India


Everything you need to know about our products so you can use them better.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please contact us.


Do the sender and the recipient require any software agent to be installed?

Data Vault is a web client. No software installation is necessary on either the sender's or the agent's endpoints.


What operating systems does Data Vault work on?

Data Vault is compatible with various standard operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, Ubuntu, and Linux.


What are the deployment models?

We have both SaaS and on-premise models of deployment


Can we share files with any domain?

Files can be shared with email addresses associated with any domain.


What is the max upload limit in SaaS?

The upload limit is determined based on the number of licenses purchased. For instance, a requirement of 100 licenses would come with an upload limit of 1,000 GB, which will adjust proportionately based on the number of licenses required.


Can I share large-size documents?

The maximum file size for sharing is 2GB per file


What types of files are supported?

Data Vault is file format agnostic, allowing support for all file types during transfers.


Where is the data residing in the SaaS deployment?

The data is stored in the Mumbai region of Azure Cloud. In order to comply with local privacy laws and residency requirements outside India, we can set up a server in the respective region.


Are the APIs available that can be utilized to integrate with different applications?

Our technology is built on REST-based APIs, which can be made available upon request. However, we do not handle integrations and only provide the requested APIs. Clients are responsible for the integration process on their end.


Security to data on the cloud?

Our patented algorithm uses dynamic encryption capabilities and AES 256 standard to ensure the highest level of security for your data.