Vault.Direct is the only GDPR compliant intelligent inbox in the hand of end users to receive messages, texts, notifications, etc. designed specifically to enable secure and trusted communication with enterprises.

Our Vision

Become the global norm for communicating all sensitive data

Our Purpose

Democratize trust and privacy controls in the digital world


Ensuring document sharing with persistent security & owner control

Automated Keys

Uses standard AES 256 encryption, keys are computed and recomputed, no need to pre-provision users.


Dynamic policies – ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘how long’, complete audit trail and life time control.

Flexibility for recipient to link and use different authentication sources & devices such as Email ID, User ID, Social ID, Device ID and Biometric data.


Our huge strides in security, validated by our 6+ USPTO granted patents

The Team

30+ experienced and passionate security experts

Prakash Baskaran

Prakash Baskaran

Managing Director

MS from university of Akron, Ohio
25 years of experience
Experience in the field of e-commerce, B2B marketplaces, web application, encryption etc.

Ravi Gunupuree

Ravi Gunupuree

VP Engineering

B. Tech
15+ years of experience
in building platforms, middleware products and leading engineering in startups as well as large enterprises.

Srinidhi Hatwar

Srinidhi Hatwar

Head, Finance & Operations

Amit Sachan

Amit Sachan

Chief Architect



Team Lead

Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma

Technical Architect


Recognized by global organizations, accepted by global customers


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