SecurelyShare for Email

Stay ahead of the curve and shield your business from email breaches

Achieve unmatched protection and adaptability for email information through our innovative and all-encompassing email security measures

For an organization, email serves as the primary means of communication for managing and exchanging vast quantities of data, including sensitive information such as customer PII, financial data, health records, and intellectual property.

End-to-end email security is essential to meet the compliance and security requirements of organizations, but it also presents challenges such as content filtering and AV checks that require data in plain text, while also ensuring that the data is encrypted and secured at all times.

Email communications secured, start-to-finish

Uncompromising data security, from sender to recipient

Seamless Encryption with Zero Client Installation

Seamless Encryption with Zero Client Installation

With a proven platform, SecurelyShare Email solution provides end-to-end encryption without requiring client software installation, thereby simplifying administration. This allows organizations to focus on their core operations without worrying about email security risks.
Complete protection with integrated content filters

Complete protection with integrated content filters

Effortless integration with content filters including anti-spam, anti-virus, DLP, archiving, etc. Our end-to-end encryption ensures complete email protection, safeguarding internal routes, mail servers, and end devices from unauthorized access, even by system administrators.
Centralized control, simplified compliance

Centralized control, simplified compliance

Organizations can leverage a centralized server while maintaining complete control. There's no need to fret about whether an employee has applied encryption to an important email, as central policies take care of it. SecurelyShare empowers organizations to stay on top of email security without extra administrative burden.

The Next Gen email security, with Next Gen features

The Next Gen email security, with Next Gen features
  • Easily safeguard your emails and attachments with just one click, ensuring that they stay protected at all times.

  • Implement proper controls to automatically secure emails without requiring user intervention.

  • The security of the content remains unaffected by the email platform or device used.

  • Tailored and adaptable security measures to suit specific use cases.

  • Email forwarding based on predefined policies.

  • Send encrypted emails to recipients without the requiring pre-registration.

  • Protect email body to prevent unauthorized forwarding.

  • Access to email content without requiring an agent.

  • Comprehensive records of email and attachment usage through detailed audit trails.