Data Vault Integration for MS Outlook

The Missing Piece of Your email & attachment Security Puzzle

Key Features

Enhanced Security

Our system allows for the encryption of both email body content and attachments in a single click.

Share Bulk Files

Our system enables the easy sending of large attachments, overcoming MS Outlook's file size limitations.

Zero learning curve for users

Seamlessly encrypt files on the go within Outlook, with no change in user experience.

On-the-fly Watermarking

Quickly add watermarks to your files as a deterrent against unauthorized usage.

Auto Privacy Enablement

Automatically scan and redact pattern-based sensitive data while the file is in transit.

Centralized Control

Regulate access controls on shared data from the central server.

“SecurelyShare, with its advanced technology, has helped us overcome the challenges of bulk e-statement generation by providing better security, lowering costs and saving time as well. Their qualified and dedicated technical team was adept in providing the solution with quick and prompt turnaround time.”
Head, Digital Banking A leading small finance Bank in India


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What versions of MS Outlook is it applicable on?

Outlook plugin works on MS Outlook 365 that includes MS outlook client application and Outlook Web Access.


Can it be used for communicating with external domains?

Yes, encrypted emails with policies can be shared with and seamlessly accessed by any internal or external domain emails.


Does it encrypt emails?

Yes, both emails as well as attachments are encrypted and sent.


Does it support non-office documents?

Yes, document types like image files (JPEG, PNG, etc.), PDF files are supported apart from the regular MS office file types.