Introducing Vault.Direct

Trust what you Receive.
Control what you Share.

Get Vault.Direct to receive messages, notifications from trusted source. Share your sensitive information securely with anyone.

Why Vault.Direct?

Traditional communication channels such as SMS, Email and Chat do not have the persistent end-to-end security that is critical for safely delivering sensitive personal data, such as bank statements, bills, reports, etc. These messages reside in the same inbox as spyware, malware, phishing, and spam and there is no easy way to set and enforce privacy controls and persistent security. And for years, third parties like credit reporting and background check agencies have been making money by selling your personal data.

Revolutionizing Business to Consumer Communication

Transforming data security and privacy

Vault.Direct for Mobile

Get Vault.Direct to share your sensitive information securely with anyone.

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Why We Are Different

Re-defining data protection. We are pioneers of data-security and this is why!

Current Products Comments Secure Privacy Controlled Trust Convenient Intelligent
Vault.Direct Vault.Direct is completely new solution with no real alternatives available today. Some products offer part of solution, not the whole
Traditional Channels
Email, SMS, WhatsApp
Not designed for sensitive data communication. Gmail has introduced some privacy features recently but still lacks overall solutions
Cloud Storage Only for secure transfer private files, does not include messages/ notifications, no privacy include messages/ notifications, no privacy
Enterprise Rights Management Mostly file securing functionality + limited privacy controls from own documents. Closed ecosystem that do not have any delivery mechanism Limited
Popular Chat Apps Limited to securing chat. Does not cover privacy protection of documents beyond telegram users