Product Overview

Products and Solutions for Different Data Security and Privacy Challenges

A typical day-to-day operation for any organization includes collecting, storing, accessing, sharing huge amounts of data. This includes sensitive data as well, like customer PII, intellectual property, financial data, health records, etc. Traditional communication channels like emails, FTP, repositories in their as-is forms are unfortunately not sufficient enough to protect the integrity and be in control of such sensitive data while storing and sharing.   


Your content and pricing information helps you run your business. However, when that information is scraped by your competitor, you lose the competitive advantage and lose revenues. Our Innovative technology provides the last mile defence against the bots that misuse your valuable content

Selective Privacy

A first of its kind technology that uses encrypted fonts to allow only authorized users access only selective content from the sensitive files and documents without the need of changing the user experience.
Google Drive Add-On
One-click transfer of data from Google Drive to Data Vault with the ability to share data with internal or external third-parties with advanced new-age security and privacy measures and controls.
MS Outlook 365 Add-In
Secure attachments and emails by applying advanced data-centric security and privacy controls. Also, get the ability to retain control on data even after emails are shared.

Data Vault

A standalone application to securely store, share and govern your sensitive data by applying access control policies at the file level and the recipient level.

PII Vault

Securely collect, store sensitive PII with dynamic encryption, provide authenticated access and comply with local regulatory guidelines.

Screen and Document Watermarking

Provide integrity to your data and deter your users from unauthorized sharing of data by using automated screen watermarking and document watermarking

Data Privacy

Scan, discover and remediate PII data scattered across different applications within the organization and comply with local privacy laws.

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