One Comprehensive Platform to Protect Your Sensitive Data Wherever It Lives and Wherever It Travels

Privacy Enabled Secure Data Sharing

Take mitigation steps to secure and apply specific policies and access controls and protect the data from any unauthorized usage

Data Privacy Automation

Discover and classify customer’s PII from various structured and unstructured data sources and store them as per regulatory compliances

Access Controls and Authentication

Once sensitive data is identified either manually or using our automated discovery process, we provide security tools to manage the sensitive data. Storing with dynamic encryption and access controls, sharing the data with third-parties with file permissions and policy settings, retaining control over data after sharing are the key functionalities.

SecurelyShare platform comes with out-of-the-box options to integrate with well-known authentication and authorisation systems such as;

These systems allow enterprises to have seamless authentication without password fatigue and quicker rollout.

Policies and Reporting

As an enterprises’ business grows, so does the quantum of data, the number of users and third-party partners. Designed for scale, SecurelyShare platform offers a data governance environment where admin teams can set, control and review policies for data sharing between users and between applications in order to govern and monitor critical data sets.

PII Data Discovery and Remediation

Personal Data Inventory is required to meet any data compliance and regulatory requirements. In enterprise networks, as the data resides in multiple locations, data discovery helps to create a single view for this inventory. SecurelyShare platform provides end to end flow for privacy management for PII data discovery. Once the PII data is discovered, custom remediation functionalities help the org to take action on the data such as masking, encryption, etc.


SecurelyShare Platform provides an ability to monitor and mitigate the security and privacy risks in a compliant manner. It also provides the ability to quickly generate/retrieve compliance reports for audit requirements. Detailed audit logs, alerts and notifications, reports, data analysis for enterprise wide visibility of data stored/ shared are part of the analytics platform..

Custom Integrations

Integration helps boost productivity by incorporating your application with our workflows, without interrupting your current process flow and helps in getting more done from a single place. SecurelyShare platform comes with REST APIs that can be integrated with different type of applications (web apps, mobile apps, intranet apps, etc.), and achieve the desired data security and data privacy objectives.

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