Enable user to secure and manage attachments sent via emails

Protect on the fly!

SecurelyShare for Mail Servers enables users to protect files attached to emails by simply adding a hash tag '##' to the mail subject.

How it Works?

Enable your mail servers with SecurelyShare


Send an email using any type of email client by adding a "##" tag in the subject line


SecurelyShare enabled SMTP server encrypts the attachment and transmits


Recipients receives secured encrypted email

We support following mail servers (MTA)

Use any type of email client

Since SecurelyShare for Mail Server works on server side, it permits one to protect from any Email Client,
thus allowing one the freedom to choose any Email Client or any device.

Download Data Sheet

Technical document explaining the background of SecurelyShare for Mail Servers, its features and benefits.

Encrypt Every Time!

There are some advices that you can safely give, irrespective of the problem an individual...

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